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School parking signs

Schools, like hospitals, are very sensitive areas where traffic control is mandatory. Children do not always pay attention to what is going on around them. They are able to put their own lives at risk without even realizing it. It is therefore up to the adults to make every effort to ensure their protection inside and outside the school.

Speaking of school parking signs, we must not limit ourselves to school bus signs. There is a whole host of other important school parking signs. These include staff parking signs, school drop off signs or school parking lot signs. There are also customized panels that take into account the personal needs of the school or university that places the order. This will include signs designed for certain teachers and staff. The school will also have to reserve parking spaces for the disabled, as well as emergency services such as ambulances and firemen.

The size, dimensions, and colours of the school parking signs depend solely on the preference of each school. The colours remain the same as for all other panels. As always, the most popular colours are still white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. But one can also choose other colours like brown.

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Examples of School parking signs

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Brass sign

154 x 43 mm


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