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Information on doorbell signs

Design a doorbell sign that matches the style of your house in the desired execution with us. Create beautiful doorbell signs from any material such as stainless steel (with laser etching), metal (with printing), or plastic (with engraving or printing) for outdoor use in just a few minutes.

Do you need a new doorbell sign?

Our doorbell signs can be ordered with a self-adhesive backing or adhesive tape. Design a sign with "Please do not ring" for quiet periods or "Please ring". In the sign configurator, you can design doorbell nameplates with first and last names in any size and also insert images like arrows or bells.

If you need a variety of different signs for a multi-family house and need help creating the signs, or if you prefer personal service and consultation, or if your sign requires a special shape or a hole for the doorbell and a camera, no problem! Feel free to contact us via our service hotline or email. We are happy to assist you in creating the perfect item for you and send you a non-binding offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your doorbell signs suitable for outdoor use?

Our doorbell signs are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our signs made of aluminum, engraved plastic, and laser-etched stainless steel are UV and weather resistant, making them ideal as nameplates for mailboxes, doorbells, and house doors, with a lifespan of 7-10 years when used outdoors. You determine how your doorbell sign should look.

How should I mount my doorbell sign?

Our engraved plastic signs and printed aluminum signs can be ordered with a rear adhesive film with strong adhesion. Our self-adhesive and weather-resistant doorbell signs are perfect for doors or mailboxes. If you want to screw the doorbell sign on, Schildermaxe also offers screws.

Do I get a quantity discount when ordering multiple doorbell signs?

Yes. We offer our customers a quantity discount. If you need a larger quantity of doorbell signs, you can design the desired doorbell signs in the sign configurator and add them to the shopping cart. You will always see the price and any discounts. The more doorbell signs you order, the higher the discount will be.

What size should a doorbell sign be?

Our doorbell signs are available in various sizes. We offer engraved signs in common dimensions with a minimum size of 25 x 10 mm. Our aluminum signs have a minimum size of 70 x 30 mm. Choose a suitable sign size, font, shape, and font color, and then enter your name.

Do the signs fit in an intercom system?

The short answer is yes. Depending on the chosen material, our doorbell signs can be used for insertion into intercom systems and devices. For this purpose, we recommend choosing our engraved plastic signs with a material thickness of 0.8 mm. You can select the material thickness in the sign configurator under "Size". It is only available for certain colors. If the sign is to be inserted into an intercom system, the available space should be measured accurately in advance. Any information is also available from the manufacturer of the system - alternatively, we are happy to assist you.

What colors are available?

We offer doorbell signs or doorbell plates in many different colors such as white, black, gray, silver, red, and many more. Our laser-engraved doorbell signs are made of a two-layer plastic laminate, with the upper layer determining the sign color and the lower layer determining the text color. You will find the entire color palette in the sign configurator. With printed aluminum doorbell signs, your imagination knows no limits. The colors can be freely chosen here.

How can I design a doorbell sign?

In the sign configurator, you have the opportunity to create personalized mailbox and doorbell signs yourself. Start by choosing a suitable material. Plastic or aluminum? How large should the sign be? How should it be mounted? What should it say? "Please do not ring!" or "Please ring!"? Perhaps with a family name? Also, choose the sign size, font type, color, and a mounting option. Voilà! Your doorbell sign is ready!

Can blank signs be ordered?

That's not a problem. Create the sign in the sign configurator and add it to the shopping cart without any text/image. This way, signs without any inscription in a blank design can be ordered as placeholders.

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