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Information on name badges

A name badge makes the personal encounter even more personal. Having employees wear a name badge for work is a matter of clarity and service.

A name badge creates a more personal encounter and also makes it clear to the customer who they are talking to if more questions arise. Name badges are common in hospitals, at fairs and events with door staff, for instance.

When ordering personalised name badges for companies or organisations, the primary focus is normally on what text you should have. Our name badges are available in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. It is also a good idea to look at how they will be attached to clothing. On our Design Page you can design your own name badge and choose between our magnetic, military clip or pin name badges.

Design customised name badges

It is completely up to you how you want to customise your name badge. One of our best tip is to include your name, jokes aside. However, whether to include both first and last name needs to be decided. In additional to your name, a company name, logo or your title can also be included. It is common in health care, like a nurse name badge, to include the professional title, name and hospital name on the badge. 

Fixing method

We can offer name badges with magnet, military clip or pin. The best option depends largely on how and where it will be used and what clothing you will be wearing. Pins leave a small hole, which might not be appreciated on very fine clothing. If this option is not suitable, it is better you order a magnetic or a military clip name badge, which functions on most types of clothing.

A military clip is very common for nurse name badges and in general within health care just because it is easy to take on and off.

Brass or plastic?

High quality badges are ideal in materials such as brass, plastic, aluminium, cardboard and wood. They are stylish, affordable and high quality. Name badges are a nice way to make an encounter with a patient or customer more personal.

You can easily and quickly order large numbers of personalised name badges using our Design Page. If you would like help placing a larger order of name badges, please contact our customer service. They’ll be happy to help!

Engraved name badges

Engraved name badges are manufactured from a plastic laminate in two layers, the top forming the badge colour and the bottom the text colour. You will find all colour combinations on our Design Page, and you can choose from a number of different shapes for your badge. It is also possible to add an image or logo to your name badge. Engraved name badges are often used within the health care and service sectors.

Printed name badges

We offer personalised name badges with colour printing in different materials: brass, nickel-plated brass (silver), plastic, cardboard, aluminium and wood. The badges can be ordered in different shapes and are highly durable. It is possible to add an image or logo to the name badge. The text and image is then printed digitally in colour. For our wood badges, we use 4 mm thick MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) with veneer in birch, cherry and oak.

Name badges with colour printing are often used in local government, schools, banks, the real estate sector and at fairs.

Eco Board

Our Eco Board name badges are manufactured using an eco-friendly material made from quality cardboard with a wood fibre core from the Katz brand. The material is produced using digital printing on a smooth, matt and laminated surface, which results in bright, stylish and high-quality colours.

This eco-friendly and economical material is the ideal name badges choice for exhibitions and fairs, courses, seminars or conferences, etc., where you want to be able to see a person’s name and title quickly and easily. Our Eco Board products are perfect for anyone wanting a simple style of name badge for use during shorter events. 

If you wish to use your name badge for a longer period of time in a professional capacity, we recommend instead name badges made from plastic, aluminium, wood or brass, which are all durable materials.

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