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Information on cottage signs

Cottage signs are commonly used in camping areas and cottage villages. The cottages are given certain names or just numbers. Often, the name refers to the size or location of the cottage, although there are several other alternatives.

Usually, there is a cottage sign on the outside of the cottage to indicate to visitors that they have found the right cottage. In some cases, there may also be a slightly smaller sign inside the cottage to welcome visitors into the warmth.

Cottage signs can serve various purposes, but generally, they are used to display the names of cottages that are rented out to tourists and others who want a pleasant accommodation for a few nights. Like any other details, it is important for the sign to convey the right feeling. It is a detail that is part of the overall experience and is evaluated by the guests.

Reflect the feeling of the cottage

Although cottage rentals are most common in the mountains and larger campgrounds, there are also cottage villages with different focuses than offering delightful days in nature. Let the cottage sign reflect the right "feeling," considering both the direction of the cottage village and the cottage itself. A hunting cottage could have an animal depicted on the sign, while a small children's cottage on a farm may have a little troll. It is the details that create the whole experience.


Cottages often provide visitors with a wonderful nature experience, and in that case, wood is the obvious material for indoor cottage signs. However, if the signs are to be placed outdoors, they should be made of plastic or aluminum to withstand the weather conditions as best as possible.


When it comes to decorating the cottage with a facade sign to guide visitors to the right cottage, it is important to consider the size. It is recommended to try and test beforehand to determine the appropriate size that fits well and can be clearly seen from the road.

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