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More information on our parking signs

Businesses, associations or private individuals all need to indicate parking spaces with the correct parking signs. Such signs can, for instance, show where customers and staff may park, which parking spaces are leased or that the car park is private.

It is also useful to make clear which spaces are reserved for disabled drivers and how long parking is permitted for. 'No parking'-signs keep unwanted guests away. Using the right parking sign in the right place creates orderly parking.

Different types of parking signs

Parking and road signs can be said to fulfil different functions.

Parking signs

The most common parking signage indicates where drivers are permitted to park their vehicle. A car park sign can have a number of different layouts depending on where it is to be placed. With us, you can choose from a thousands of design combinations to create a car park sign that fulfills your needs.

No parking signs

It is forbidden to park in some places and so a sign can serve to keep unwanted vehicles away. In that case, you may need a sign with a general prohibition such as 'No parking' or 'Controlled parking zone' or a sign showing the hours of the day during which parking is not permitted.

‘No Parking’ signs can be used anywhere, as long as they are legal. Installing a ‘No Parking’ sign in a public place, which technically could be accessible any time, would not be legally permissible. However, certain areas permitted by the Road Regulations of a particular country allow ‘No Parking’ signs to be erected in specified locations – be they an entrance to a public place, reserved parking spaces for authorized personnel or to avoid road or vision obstruction.

Additionally, some areas and sometimes whole cities are ‘No Parking’ zones. Installing adequate signage, in large fonts and clear and legible text in more than one language will ensure that this prohibition sign is noticed and well observed.

‘No Parking’ signs can also regularly be seen on private residences and garages, to ensure that that private property is kept clear from obstruction caused by unauthorized vehicles on a 24-hour basis.

We have a whole array of pre-designed, standard ‘No Parking’ signage, in different sizes, colours and fonts. Signomatic have the basic P-signage with or without arrows indicating the whereabouts of parking prohibition. We can also create custom-made ‘No Parking’ signs suited to your requirements in a bilingual format, using any text or symbols you prefer. Just contact us and we'll be happy to help you from scratch.

Private parking signs

Private parking signs have a number of uses and styles. Firstly there is the simple ‘Private – No Parking’ sign. This is usually found directly at the entrance to a road or garage and is often a red and white sign clearly stating its message and being highly visible at the same time.

Other signs may give more explicit information such as the fact that the garage is in use, the road is narrow or that some car parking spaces are private for residents only. Other signage gives more information about restricted areas or time limits. For example a resident only parking sign. In some instances, there may also be consequences if a person does park in this area. If this is the case then it is necessary for the sign to state this. Punishments usually involve the offending car being towed at the expense of the car’s owner.

Disabled parking signs

Each of our ‘Disabled Parking’ signs prominently features the International Symbol of Accessibility so as to help drivers differentiate between spaces which are free for everyone to use and spaces which are reserved for disabled permit holders.

Disabled parking must be very clearly signposted so as to prevent confusion and to ensure that drivers do not mix-up disabled spaces with other available spaces in the vicinity. Such a mistake could result in a shortage of spaces for disabled permit holders and must be avoided at all costs.

Parking lot number signs

Marking out parking spaces clearly with a number sign makes it easier for drivers to find the right space. One option is also to include the registration plate number on the parking sign. Another option is to mark the parking spaces with the relevant house number, so that visitors can also see where the appropriate place to park is. 

We offer long-lasting aluminium signs, perfect as parking lot number signs. Our aluminium signs last for up to 10 years outside.

Custom parking signs – Design your own

In addition to the classic parking signs, it is possible to create your own custom parking sign. With a personal touch, a “Private parking” sign can be much nicer than just having a white P on a blue background. These signs are certainly perfect for public car parks, but P signs in private car parks can benefit from the personal touch.

At Signomatic you can design and order your own parking sign according to your special requirements. Our car park signage are of highest quality, long-lasting and could be ordered with a reflective nature. This allows the car park signs to be visible day and night. Create your own parking sign using our online based design tool.

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