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Information on acrylic house signs

Are you looking for a modern acrylic sign for your façade or wall? Make your property stand out from the crowd with our modern contemporary acrylic house signs, a perfect compliment to any home or business.

Our perspex house signs are printed on the back of the sign using UV digital printing. They are incredibly hard wearing and perfect for outside usage.

Acrylic signs can be used as house signs, door number signs or name plates.

The perfect sign for your home

Acrylic house number plaques can differ from home to home. Today, there are many sign manufacturers that offer acrylic house numbers in different designs and materials. It isn’t always easy to know which type of acrylic house number plaque is best for your particular home.

Are you looking for a sign with an illuminated effect or would you rather see one with a matt finish? Once you have a reasonable idea of what would be suitable for the outside of your home, you can start looking around among the options offered by different sign manufacturers.

...also the perfect company sign

Acrylic door signs are a big favourite with our customers as they offer many benefits. The material is durable and can be used outdoors in all weathers without you having to worry about wear and tear. Not only that, acrylic door signs give an exclusive, elegant impression, which makes them especially popular with companies and businesses that want to create a professional first impression. Acrylic door signs are therefore a common sight at entrances, both indoors and outdoors.

Customise your acrylic house signs

On our Design Page, you can design beautiful and contemporary acrylic house signs yourself. We offer acrylic house signs with frosted glass effect as well as clear acrylic signs. The lettering is usually done in black on a white or transparent background.

Add family name, street name or house number to your acrylic house plaque. Choose from a wide range of font styles and colours to create your personalised house sign.

Double plated acrylic signs

We offer double plated acrylic house signs with an aluminium backplate, a popular alternative for those looking for a stylish alternative. This double plated acrylic house sign has a 6 mm acrylic front plate and a 3 mm aluminium composite (Gobond) back plate, which complements the acrylic beautifully.

With standoffs the sign projects out from the wall, creating a sense of depth. Standoff signs offer a nice clean look, are perfect for outside use and can easily be mounted on a house wall or façade.

Clear or frosted acrylic house signs?

We offer clear acrylic house signs and acrylic house signs with frosted glass effect, which give them a matt surface. Our clear and frosted acrylic house signs come in a huge selection of shapes so that you can find one that suits your specific needs.

If you want a sign with a coloured or white surface, that option can easily be selected on the Design Page. Personalise your acrylic sign and choose your desired colour code or find inspiration among our ready-made sign examples.

Fitting instructions

When you buy acrylic signs from us, all signs are supplied with pre-drilled holes if you have chosen that option. If you want to attach the sign using a screw or standoff, you can be sure that the sign you receive is ready to be mounted directly on your building façade or wall, without hassle! Depending on which fitting instruction you have chosen for the sign (screw or standoff), this is delivered with the order.

If you have any questions regarding fastening device, you can always contact our customer service team, who will help with any questions you may have regarding acrylic house signs.

Looking for other house signs?

Do you feel that acrylic is not the right material for your house? We offer you an extensive range of materials that might be a better match! Check out our range of contemporary house number plaques made from aluminium, high quality plastic, brass and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should an acrylic house sign have?

You can design signs in any size with us. The standard sizes for acrylic house numbers are usually between 200x150 mm, 300x200 mm and 400x300 mm depending on how visible you want the sign to be from a distance. Why not measure up on the surface where you want the sign to go before you start designing, so you know what you are getting when your delivery arrives.

What fittings is best suited for an acrylic house sign?

The look created by acrylic house signs with standoffs is particularly modern, professional and elegant, which makes them extremely popular as company signs, as well as being the ideal choice for building façades. Acrylic house number signs can also be ordered with a standard screw and with a screw cap in case you want to conceal the screws.

Where can I mount an acrylic house sign?

If you want to mount your acrylic house sign on the outside of your building, you can choose between various fitting methods, a screw or standoff. With a standoff, the sign stands out slightly from the wall, which creates a kind of 3D effect with depth. Screws or standoffs can be used on surfaces such as wood, brick or other common building surfaces.

Can I put an image or logo onto my acrylic house sign?

Yes. You can upload your own images or logos using our online design tool. Our Design Page also has ready-made images to choose from, with and without colour.

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