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Information on magnetic signs

We offer fully magnetic signs that consist of a magnetic base with a matt, UV-protected surface. Our magnetic signs should be applied to clean, dry and flat surfaces for optimum adhesion.

Magnets can be used both indoors and outdoors and have many uses. For instance, we offer magnetic signs for cars, i.e. they can be applied to vehicles. With a car magnet, you can easily advertise your company or other activity by applying the magnet directly to the car. Create personal fridge magnets or magnetic signs to attach to the dishwasher or other magnetic surfaces, e.g. a whiteboard.

Our magnetic signs are manufactured using digital printing and can be ordered in any colour of your choice. The magnet is 0.6 mm thick and can be ordered in sizes up to 900 x 1500 mm. The smallest size we offer is 10 x 30 mm. On our Design Page you can upload your own images and design magnetic signs to meet your needs.


  • Let your company’s or business’s logo be seen with a car magnet or design your own learner driver sign. The magnet is easy to attach and remove. 
  • Design personal fridge magnets with funny quotes or pictures. With a magnetic sign for your dishwasher, you can easily let others know if the dishes are clean or dirty. They can be applied when required and removed without damage. 
  • Create personal magnetic signs to attach to a whiteboard or other magnetic surfaces.

Important to remember:

The magnet has a temperature resistance of approximately -30°C/+55°C. Maximum temperature for a short period: 65°C. Magnetic signs should not be used for prolonged periods on vehicles, as this may damage the paintwork. Please note that there is a risk of the magnetic sign coming loose from the vehicle at high speeds. Remember that magnetic signs should be applied to clean, dry and flat surfaces for optimum adhesion.

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