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Plastic signsName badgesWood signsAluminium signsLabels and platesAcrylic signsVinyl letteringDecalsBannersBrass signsRoll-upsMagnetic signsDouble-sided signsPostersContour-cut signsEco BoardPerspex screenAcrylic and aluminium backplateStainless steel signsDoor signHouse sign
Size (min)25x10 mm50x20 mm30x30 mm70x30 mm25x10 mm100x50 mm30x30 mm15x15 mm1000x500 mm50x18 mm850x2000 mm30x10 mm70x30 mm100x100 mm1x15 mm30x30 mm600x400 mm100x50 mm28x49 mm15x10 mm25x10 mm
Size (max)2000x1200 mm80x50 mm1100x1100 mm2000x1200 mm295x295 mm1400x900 mm3000x550 mm1200x1000 mm6000x1540 mm400x300 mm1000x2000 mm1500x900 mm1400x1400 mm1200x4000 mm560x560 mm1100x700 mm2000x1200 mm600x600 mm170x70 mm600x600 mm2000x1200 mm
Thickness0.8 - 3 mm0.5 - 4 mm4 mm1.5 mm0.51 - 1.6 mm6 mm0.075 mm (75µ)0.075 - 0.205 mm (75-205µ)0.47 mm0.51 - 8 mm0.22 - 0.33 mm (220 - 330µ)0.6 mm2 - 3 mm0.192 mm (192μ)3.2 mm2 mm4 mm6 + 3 mm1 mm0.075 - 8 mm0.51 - 8 mm
Outdoor useYesNoNoYesYesYesYesYesYesYesNoYesYesYesYesYesNoNoYesYesYes
Lifetime for outdoor use*1-10 years--7-10 years7-10 years7-10 years7-10 years7-10 years5 years3 years-2 years3-5 years (Aluminium)
1-3 years (Plastic)
4-12 weeks (Eco board)
3 months7-10 years4-12 weeks7-10 years-7-10 years1-10 years7-10 years
Production method
Digital printingYesYesYesYesYes (Brass)Yes-YesYesYesYesYesYesYes-YesYesYes-YesYes
EngravingYesYes--Yes (Plastic & Stainless steel)---------Yes---YesYesYes
Contour cut vinyl------Yes--------------

*Under normal circumstances.

Fixing methods

Plastic signsName badgesWood signsAluminium signsLabels and platesAcrylic signsVinyl letteringDecalsBannersBrass signsRoll-upsMagnetic signsDouble-sided signsPostersContour-cut signsEco BoardPerspex screenAcrylic and aluminium backplateStainless steel signsDoor signHouse sign
Adhesive Tape
Screw and Tape
Magnetic strip
Suction Cups
Table Stand
Sign holder – door/wall
Pole attachment
Self-adhesive for floors
Adhesive Tape
Flag attachment
Screw with screw cap
Ceiling suspension using wires
Base supports
Cable labelling
Table clamp
Military clip

Our products

Plastic signs

We offer engraved plastic signs as well as printed plastic signs made from foam PVC (Forex). The choice of material depends on the usage. Easily design personalised signs for indoor and outdoor use.

Engraving or colour printing

Name badges

We offer durable name badges in different materials. Design printed or engraved name badges with your own text or logo. Our name badges are often used within the healthcare and service sectors.

Engraving or colour printing

Wood signs

Design and decorate your home with personalised signs in birch or oak. Or create a custom wood sign for your office or business. The signs are made of MDF with wood veneer and digitally printed.

MDF with wood veneer

Aluminium signs

Our printed aluminium signs are of a high quality, long durability and perfect as outdoor signage. Common uses are road- and street signs, parking signs and entrance signs. Easily design custom signs in aluminium online.

High quality printed signs

Labels and plates

Plastic label signs, stainless steel label plates and brass label plates - for labelling machinery, screens, cables, pipes, stands etc. Create your own unique label, whether it be a range of numbers or single letters.

Small-format signage

Acrylic signs

Acrylic signs or plexiglass signs create an exclusive and professional feel and are largely used in company environments. We offer personalised signs with frosted glass effect as well as clear acrylic plaques.


Vinyl lettering

Create your own custom vinyl lettering online. Contour-cut text and images in vinyl are an excellent choice for people who prefer not to have a background. Vinyl letterings can be applied to a wall, window, or car.

Cut-out text and image


Decals, also called stickers, are suitable for vehicle decoration, window decoration, exhibition material, labelling and wall texts. You can choose the colour of the background, text and outline yourself.

Colour printed

Brass signs

We offer everything from stylish brass door signs to brass plaques made for labelling. Text and image are printed onto the surface of the sign. Design personalised signs of high quality for indoors as well as outdoors. The durability is longer indoors than outdoors.



Roll-ups are an economic option for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, portable display stand. They are often used at fairs, events and in stores. Our roll-ups are intended for indoor use.

Easy to transport and put up

Magnetic signs

We offer magnetic signs that consist of a magnetic base with a matt, UV-protected surface. Design custom car magnets, fridge magnets or create magnetic signs to attach to the dishwasher.

Movable signs

Double-sided signs

Double-sided signs in aluminium, plastic and paper/cardboard (Katz Display Board), for maximum visibility. Hang or position standing out from a wall. Ideal as a shop sign, information sign and more.

Retail or company decor


Posters are the perfect option when you want to reach out with your message in an easy and affordable way. Easily create advertising posters online – for companies, shops, campaigns and events.

High-quality photo paper

Contour-cut signs

Contour-cut signs in acrylic plastic for indoor and outdoor use. Design cut-out letters or numbers for your home, business or store. A contour-cut sign comes with an self-adhesive backing.

Acrylic plastic (PMMA)

Eco Board

Eco Board is our eco-friendly product made from quality cardboard with a wood fibre core. A lightweight yet rigid material that is perfect for signs in indoor environments, displays and interior decoration.

Eco-friendly cardboard

Perspex screens

A plexiglass hygiene screen protects against coughs and sneezes and limits the spread of infection. Install at a checkout or reception desk using our table stands or suspend from a ceiling.

Plexiglass hygiene screen

Stainless steel signs

Stainless steel signs, a perfect option for signage in harsh environments. Often used within industrial signage, for installations, facilities or equipment. Order personalised signs using our easy-to-use-sign-maker.

Strong and durable material

Door signs

High-quality door signs with engraving or printing. Sustainable materials for indoor and outdoor use. Design custom signs for the door in your preferred material, with standoff, screws, tape and more.

Engraving or digital printing

House signs

High-quality house signs with engraving or printing. Design unique, contemporary facade signs or house numbers in sustainable materials such as acrylic, aluminium or brass. Use both indoor and outdoor.

Engraving or digital printing

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