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Information on house signs

We offer custom house signs, or façade signs as they are also called. They are mainly used to indicate the door numbers, or building numbers, in a street. A house sign can also be used to show which family lives in the house or which company occupies a building.

Although the function of a house sign is mainly practical, house signs can be customised to create a stylish, personal feel. Different materials, sizes, fonts and colours can easily create a personalised house sign perfect for a building exterior or the front door.

Sign makers in the UK are nowadays offering signage in that can be fully personalised by the customer and that are easy to order online. Popular types of signage include slate house signs, acrylic house signs and metal house signs, also handmade and hand painted signs are becoming more popular. They all add a nice and unique touch to any building. Are you looking for contemporary house signs you have come to the right place. On our Design Page, you can design a bespoke house sign in your desired colour, shape and material.

The layout for your house sign is one thing to consider. Another aspect to bear in mind is the choice of fix method. Where do you want to place your house sign? On the building exterior or on the front door? With us, you can choose your desired fix method for your specific house sign.

On our homepage you find fitting instructions, so that you can install your signage. We offer screws (the house sign come with pre drilled holes) or wall distances.

  • Cheap house signs and door plaques
  • Materials perfect for outside use
  • Climate compensated house signs
  • Different types of house signs


House number signs – Some examples

Our product range includes a variety of different types of number signs in different materials, colours and shapes. We offer:

  • Number signs for your house, room, warehouse and parking
  • Weather resistant, UV-protected and durable
  • With engraving or digital printing
  • Different typefaces, colours and shapes
  • Different fixing methods
  • Quantity discount
  • Satisfied customer guarantee

Room numbers

In hotels, it is common for rooms to be marked up with number signs. This makes it easier for guests to find their rooms. For conference facilities or small hotels with fewer rooms, it is not uncommon for the various rooms to be given names instead. Depending on where you want to put the sign and what you want it to convey, we have various types to choose from.

We recommend shiny brass signs for a more exclusive look. These are sold in oval, rectangular and round options. If you need a simpler set of room number signs, we offer plastic signs for indoor and outdoor use, which are stable, durable, and also stylish. Room number signs in plastic can easily be attached to a flat surface using tape or screws.

Number signs are common in warehouses, such as warehouse room number signs, warehouse dock number signs or door signs. A clearly structured and designed warehouse means the right product can be found fast based on order or product number – an absolute necessity for efficient logistics in larger warehouses.

House name & numbers

A house sign can have different layouts depending on the placement of the sign. Is your bespoke house sign to be placed on a front door or on a building?

A door number sign or plate can have a variety of designs. Some people prefer cut-out numbers on the building façade, while others want stylish acrylic door number signs or brass number plaques. A door number sign can look different in various ways and can be designed entirely to meet your tastes.

We offer you a wide range of materials, sizes, fonts, attachments etc. for you to find and create your perfect house sign or door numbers.

House numbers

The most common type of house sign only feature the number on the house. Of these, the square sign is the most common, with a white background and black numbers. Using our Design Page, it’s easy to choose colour, shape, material and font for customised house number plates for your home. Number signs are commonly used as business signs.

Street and number

Some also choose, in addition to the street number, to include the name of the street the house is on. Such a house sign is common for houses that stand at a corner where two streets meet. It can be difficult to determine which street the house is on unless it is indicated with a clear house sign. 

Letters instead of numbers

One way of creating house number signs slightly different is to indicate the house number with letters. Instead of a frontage sign with the number 7, you can use the word SEVEN instead. Using letters makes it even easier to create custom house number signs for your front door. Signomatic offers vinyl text (contour-cut text in vinyl), which can be applied to a window or a door. Such a door sign adds a nice touch to any home or business.

Order high quality fully personalised house signs online

We offer personalised house signs in various materials, sizes, colours and shapes. Materials such as acrylic, plastic, brass and aluminium are perfect for outside use.

Aluminium house signs - a popular choice

Aluminium house signs or metal signs are durable signs perfect for outside use. You can get your aluminium house sign in different shapes; as oval, round, square or as a triangle. They make perfect house signs or signs for your front door, text or number being digitally printed on the surface of the sign.

Plastic house signs – with beautiful engraving

An engraved door plate can be a nice decoration at your front door. We engrave name, number, images and other information on your house plaque according to your wishes. Also, they are often used as door signs.

Custom house signs for inside use

We offer a range of house signs perfect for inside use. Design bespoke house signs such as restroom plaques, bathroom door signs, toilet signs or sauna signs.

Wooden house signs - brings a warm feel to any home

Are you looking for that perfect house sign for interior use? Our wooden house signs are intended for inside use, many times used to convey a softer, warmer feel. Choose between birch and oak.

Design a personalised house plaque as a gift

We’re all looking for the perfect gift to give at special times of the year, such as birthdays or Christmas. We also want our gifts to be personal and show that we have put some thought into them. With us you can find perfect gift ideas for your near and dear ones. Have you ever thought about designing a personalised house plaque to give away as a gift?

Give your best friend a stylish poster featuring your favourite quote, a cool car decal for a car enthusiast, or funny fridge magnets featuring various messages! Why not design modern house number plaques to yourself or someone else?

If you want to create a custom house plaque as a gift, there are plenty of options to choose from. Design a modern, exclusive and stylish brass sign for the house door, or perhaps a beautiful engraved plastic sign for the entrance?

Not only personalised house signs in the range…

We have been supplying signs since 2008 and we add new, in-demand products to our range every year. Today, our range includes both printed and engraved products

With over three million signs delivered, it’s not just customers from the UK who are looking for custom house signs or business signs. We have delivered signs to over 100 countries worldwide. There is significant demand for personalised house signs, and no two orders are ever the same. Considering the thousands of design options on our Design Page, that’s no surprise.


What is the most common type of house plaque?

There are a variety of different house signs that make a façade look attractive. We offer house signs and house numbers in acrylic, plastic, aluminium and brass, among other options. You can attach your house sign to a wall, building or door using screws, standoffs, or even adhesive tape. On our Design Page you can choose the material, size, fixing method, colour and shape. 

Can I complain if I’m not happy with my house sign?

Yes. Signomatic offers a satisfied customer guarantee so that as a customer you can be 100% satisfied with your order. If you are not satisfied with your personalised house sign then neither are we. Read more about our guarantee by clicking here.

Can I get help designing my house sign?

Yes. We offer a huge range of house signs. If you need help, tips or advice about specific house plaques, house name plates or house numbers, a quote or just want to know more about us, don’t hesitate to contact the Signomatic customer service team.

How should I attach my house sign?

We offer various fixing methods, depending on the type of sign and material you have chosen. An engraved house plaque can be ordered with tape, for instance. An aluminium house sign or acrylic house sign in a larger size requires a fastening device that can bear the sign and its weight. Design your own personalised sign using our design tool, decide on fitting instructions and easily order online.

Available fixing methods

Adhesive Tape
Screw with screw cap

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