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Information on plastic labels

The range of uses for small signs is varied. Plastic label signs are most commonly used for electrical, construction and HVAC and plumbing installations. Plastic labels are used to clearly mark the functions of the different cables and pipes.

Small labels are also often found in lifts, to indicate apartment numbers or other situations where the labelling must last for a long time.

Labels are usually small plastic signs whose main purpose is to mark something up. Signage is an effective way of marking something up, but bear in mind the following for the best results.

Plastic label signage – for whom?

Who will see the sign and who is it aimed at? If you keep that in mind, abbreviations and specialist terms can be used to keep the information as brief and concise as possible. Labels are primarily for marking up, not for providing additional information. 

Small signs require larger text

There are primarily two things to consider regarding the text on small signs. Most people consider the size of the text, but it’s also important to choose a font (style) for the text that is easy to read. It is also vital to select a background that highlights the text properly. Experiment with both different colours and different fonts to see the difference. 

Pictures – No thanks

Plastic labels seldom feature pictures. Firstly, they are so small that the pictures would take up too much space on the sign, and secondly, signage is about marking up and clarifying. Pictures can actually have the opposite effect. 

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