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You can use our Design Page to design your signs just as you want them. Text, colour, shapes and more.

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Information on brass plaques

Design stylish brass signs using our online design tool. We offer a wide selection of modern brass signs in different designs and sizes.

Our brass signs are durable, weather-proof and high quality. The durability is longer indoors than outdoors.

We make all our brass signs with digital printing, i.e. the text and image are printed digitally in a UV printer. The text and motif are then varnished for optimal durability.

Brass house name plates

Welcome your guests with a beautiful brass house name plates. We offer everything from stylish classic brass signs to shiny signs in a more modern style. We also offer signs in nickel-plated brass (silver), chrome and brushed brass. The brass door name plates is a lovely and warm touch to your house. 

You can order them in various shapes. Choose the shape yourself on the Design Page. 

Brass label tags

We offer brass label tags in two different materials: brass and nickel-plated brass (silver). These can be ordered with or without screws. You can then add your text to the sign on our Design Page.

Brass name plates

Brass name plates are not uncommon in office environments . The brass name plate may contain your name, company logo, and your professional role within the company. As always you decide what you want to be on your brass name plaques. The brass plaques gives a wonderful impression of exclusivity and style for your office.

Areas of use

Example areas of use for your brass plaques is e.g. for your front door with your family name. This will give you a luxurious and elegant touch. You can also use it in your interior design, for example your family members' names on their doors.

You can also use the brass sign as a name plate for your office, with printed text of your name and professional title.

It is also common to have brass signs as stable signs for your horse, a memorial plaques for someone you love and miss and for many more.

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