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Information on perspex screens

We offer perspex screens, also called sneeze screens or hygiene screens that help minimise the spread of virus and infection. In shops and businesses, it is especially important to protect both customers and employees from coughs and sneezes. See examples of transparent sneeze screens below.

A perspex screen or a hygiene screen is made from plexiglass/transparent plastic and used as a protection to limit the spread of infection.

Perspex screens - social distancing protection screens

Our transparent perspex screens are easy to install at, for example, checkouts or reception desks, and serves as a partition. We offer plexiglass protection with and without an opening at the bottom. 

The perspex screens or sneeze screens are made from plexiglass panels (4 mm) that can be ordered in customised sizes on our Design Page. Order with fixing methods in the form of a table stand/base for a checkout or reception desk, or with wires for ceiling suspension.

Order protective sneeze screens in the desired size on our Design Page, or contact us for a quote. We can customise the product to suit your needs, so let us know if there’s something special that you want!

Available fixing methods

Base supports
Ceiling suspension using wires
Table clamp

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