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Information on warning signs

A warning safety sign warns of danger or the possible consequences of a particular action. There are often rules that equipment associated with a specific danger must be labelled with a warning sign.

There are also times when a warning sign or danger sign is vital, even if the law does not require a sign that warns of the danger. Whatever the need, personalised warning signs can be created with any message and custom design. All to reduce the risk of an accident. For optimum effect, the sign should be designed to convey this warning message through text, shape and colour.

Create a personalised warning sign

Do you want to create personalised warning signs? What is a warning sign? Consider the following when designing your own custom warning sign:


In what shape is a warning sign? The shape most associated with warnings is a triangle. That doesn’t mean that all warning signs need to be triangular, but the majority are triangular in Europe, the only exception is Ireland. For instance, a square sign with a picture of a triangle with an illustrative image inside is common. There may also be text under the triangle specifying what the sign is a warning of.


In what colour is a warning sign? When it comes to warning signs, they should almost exclusively have a yellow background with black text/image. A yellow warning sign is what most people associate with warning signs and so people pay extra attention when this colour combination is used. Sometimes, a warning sign is surrounded by a red border; this is common on road signs with a warning message. 


When warning of a danger, you can never be too clear. It is therefore recommended to supplement the text on warning signs with a telling image. This clarifies what the warning is about and makes it simpler for those who do not understand the language. Some of the common symbols used on warning signs are the skull (poisonous), fire (flammable) and a dead fish and a dead tree (hazardous waste).

What do you need to warn about? – Create unique personalised warning signs.

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