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Signomatic – experienced sign manufacturer

2008. The year when Signomatic sees the light of day for the first time. From a basement on Fotö in the Gothenburg archipelago, we started selling signs to companies and individuals and shaped what is today an innovative, responsible and experienced sign manufacturer, with offices and production in Landvetter, east of Gothenburg, Sweden.

In the 15 years that have elapsed since, as a sign manufacturer we have sold almost 8 million signs to more than 120 countries. With that experience behind us, you can feel confident as a customer that we know what we are doing. We make it easy for you as a customer to create and order signs exactly the way you want them.

Today, Signomatic is one of the largest sign suppliers and can handle everything from a single sign to thousands of signs in the same order. Let us help you realise your ideas.

From standard signs to special orders

You will always find standard signs in our range to get you started when you want to create a sign. We also manufacture special orders that are outside our standard range. This means that we can, for example, buy a special material that you want and manufacture the sign exactly as you wish. Feel free to contact us if you do not find the material, size or design you are looking for on our website.

We are non-traditional...

... and we pride ourselves on that. Through our design tool, the Design Page, you can easily create your sign from scratch. This simple tool – which allows you to choose the material, shape, text, colour, motif and fixing method for your sign – means that no two signs are the same. You as a customer control the end product.

That’s something we value. We are non-traditional and we are revolutionising an industry that previously has not really kept up with the digitisation that has taken place over the past 20 years. We want it to be easy to order signs – both self-designed and specially ordered.

We make signs simple

We drill, laminate, bend, mill and use laser etching, engraving and laser printing. Making it convenient and easy for you as a customer to find exactly what you want, in other words. So what does our standard range look like? Below you can see what we can offer you in the way of our standard range:

Aluminium signsStainless steel signsEngraved signsAcrylic signsVinyl letteringDecalsMagnetic signsBrass signsWood signsRoll-upsBannersContour-cut signsEco Board

For an overview of who we are and what we can offer you, we have created a product catalog. In it, you will find our standard materials, manufacturing processes, custom orders, and product specifications, as well as more about our history and how we work to provide you as a customer with the best possible service and quality.

This is Signomatic

We understand your need for high quality

There are close to 80 employees at Signomatic and we work closely to ensure that you get the highest quality products with an ultimate production flow.

  • As a company, you get a personal contact in customer service who will help you with your order. Or you can design and order your sign using our Design Page.

  • Our sign designers ensure that the signs turn out as you intended and then send the design to our sign manufacturers.

  • Our sign manufacturers create your unique sign.

  • Finally, our packaging managers take care of your order, sorting and packaging it so that your sign is delivered on time with the right accessories. 

We manufacture our signs to meet the highest standards, and each sign is carefully checked before being shipped to the customer. We have a satisfied customer guarantee that is valid for our entire range.

With sustainability in focus, we are revolutionising the signage industry

We don’t just want to deliver the best signs to you. We also want to be a sign manufacturer where our employees feel safe and well. Our corporate culture is incredibly important to us and we are proud that in 2023 we ended up in fifth place in the list of Sweden’s best workplaces for medium-sized companies.

With a healthy work environment, we can also create high-quality products and a mindset to always be at the forefront and be innovative, to your benefit as a customer. 

Of course, we also want the world to become as good a place to live in as possible – on all levels. We try to think sustainably and we do it from several perspectives. We tell you about how we strive for a better world on our CSR page.

This is our mission

We are an innovative sign manufacturer that has been digitising the industry since 2008. Our goal is to offer you as wide a range as possible without sacrificing simplicity, price and fast delivery.

Also read about our vision and values as a company. 

Does Signomatic sound like a sign manufacturer you can rely on?

Could we be the one you’re looking for? For us, it doesn’t matter if you live in a big city, a small town or any other part of the country. You are always welcome to contact us no matter what the issue (although ideally about signs, because that’s what we’re best at). 

Book a meeting with us to discuss your needs. We can help you get started and set up a business account. In this way, you can easily return and order signs that are adapted precisely to your company.

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