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Information on roll-ups

Roll-ups have numerous uses. A roll-up can be used for presentation and display at fairs, events and in stores, for example. It is an excellent tool for communicating a message at an exhibition or fair. The product is intended for indoor use (there is a risk of it toppling over if used outside).

A roll-up consists of an aluminium banner cassette (850 or 1000 mm wide) which stands on the ground with double foldout base supports. You then simply pull the banner up out of the cassette and secure it at the rear using a support pole. We offer roll-ups in two different sizes: 850 x 2000 and 1000 x 2000 mm. 

You can design your own roll-up on the Design Page! Add the required text, image and colours.

Roll-up Standard

Text and images are printed on a flat, stable PET polyester film free from PVC with a matt satin finish. This ensures high-quality printing. Thickness: 220 µ. Opaque with grey back and 100% curl free. 

Roll-up ECO

Text and images are printed on a durable, and high-quality white polyester weave with a light grey reverse, with a fire classification of B1 (European standard). Thickness: 330 µ. The material is free from PVC and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001. The material blocks out all light. Recommended for virtually all public environments, such as offices, fairs, shops, hospitals, hotels, etc. where environmentally certified material is a requirement.


  • Roll-ups are perfect for indoor use, such as fairs, exhibitions and other displays. 
  • They are an excellent tool for communicating a message or marketing a brand. Many companies use roll-ups for marketing purposes, as they are a convenient, effective and affordable marketing product.

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