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Information on van decals

Are you looking for custom van decals? We offer a wide range of vehicle graphics for your van in the form of vinyl lettering and vinyl stickers in various shapes and styles. Upload your company logo, text or other information that you want to communicate on your van.

Why so popular?

Self-adhesive vehicle decals are a popular and effective way to market your brand in a simple and affordable way. They are easy to apply and remove, and have many uses. Decals are often seen on company vehicles and can be designed just as you want them.

A material guaranteed to last

Our durable and UV-resistant van decals are designed for outdoor use and can tolerate all weathers. Our vehicle decals can also tolerate a car wash, so you can be sure that the material is guaranteed to last.

Different designs - lettering or graphics

You choose the design of your decal. We offer self-adhesive vinyl lettering that you can apply directly to your van. Van lettering consists of cut letters, numbers or even graphics.

You’ll also find vinyl decals in our range. These cannot be cut out in the same way as vinyl lettering, but always have a background.

With a custom decal or van letters you can create your own company logo, add business contact information and communicate promotions to potential customers.

Add anywhere on the vehicle

Do you want a decal on the rear, on the door, on the side, as a window decal or a bumper sticker? We have all these options and more – the only limit is your imagination.

Some people choose to decorate their camper van with inspiring van stickers to take that holiday feel to new heights. A white camper van can be given a whole new look with vehicle graphics in the form of colourful images associated with the sun and swimming or the Alps and skiing.

If you want to style your van with colourful stripes or similar, you can upload any motif on our Design Page.

Easy to apply and remove

Vinyl decals or letters are easy to apply and remove. First, make sure that the surface is dry and clean of dirt. It could be a good idea to wash the surface with a degreaser before applying any graphics.

At low temperatures outdoors (below +10-15 degrees), we recommend that you heat the surface to which the decal is to be applied. This could be done with a hair dryer, which makes the vinyl decal adhere better and there is less risk of the decal becoming damaged. We send a scraper with each order that you can use to attach the decal to the van.

Application – follow these steps:

  • 1. Make sure that the surface is clean, dry, and free of dirt and grease before applying your van decal. Feel free to use a mild detergent if you have difficulty removing the dirt. Wipe dry.

  • 2. Remove the protective film from the decal.

  • 3. Apply the decal to your van. Use the scraper supplied with your order. Start scraping from the centre of the decal to its outside edge to remove any air bubbles.


Where on my van should decals be applied?

If you intend to promote your business, we recommend that you place your van decals on the sides or rear, as these are the most visible areas. You can also apply decals on the window. If you want the decal to be visible from a distance, you should consider the size so that any text or image is clear and not too small.

What format can I upload my graphics in?

You can upload your artwork on our Design Page. We always recommend vectorised images such as PDF, EPS or SVG for the best quality, if possible.

How long is the material guaranteed?

The life of a decal largely depends on where it is placed. Our decals have a lifespan for outdoor use of 7 to 10 years, which means they are made to last for a long time outside and on a vehicle.

What size should a van decal be?

The size of a van decal varies depending on the purpose of the message. If you want to market your company with a business logo and company name, it should be large enough for potential customers to be able to see it from a distance.

The decal can be applied to the side of your van or to the rear. We recommend that you first measure the area of your van where you want the decal to go before placing an order.

What are van decals made of?

Our van decals are made of self-adhesive vinyl. Our high-quality print vinyl stickers are UV-protected, weather-resistant and durable. The vinyl decals will last for up to 10 years when used outside.

Do you offer die-cut van decals?

Yes. Die-cut decals are decals that are cut out into a certain shape or design, i.e. there is no background. You can order die cut van decals in any shape and upload your own image or logo.

Can van decals be removed?

Yes. Before removing the decal from your van, you can wash the surface on and around the decal. To make it easier to remove the decal without damaging the paint, we recommend heating the decal. You can use a hair dryer to heat the decal and soften the adhesive. Try pulling gently at the edges and use the hair dryer again if necessary.

I want to order a van decal in a specific size of 500 mm x 500 mm, can this be done?

Yes. You can customise your vehicle graphics as desired and choose a specific size using our online Design Page. Here, you can choose other options such as colour and shape. Try it out!

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