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Information on contemporary house signs

Gone are the days when your house sign needs to look like a dust collector at the entrance of your house. We live in a new, hip reality that constantly changes, so it is ok if your house sign does too.

Out with the old and in with the new is what we say. Think of yourself over the last ten years and how many different looks you have said hello and goodbye to. Shocking, right?! Well, the same can be said for your home.

Although house number signs seem like an old-school tradition, they are an essential part of your home, especially if you have moved into a new neighbourhood. But this does not mean that you have to settle for anything less contemporary. From materials to the various designs, keep the modern edge of your home with a personalised contemporary house sign.

The timeless house sign

Elegance will never date, and therefore, at Signomatic, we offer a diverse range of modern house numbers for when you move to a new home or simply want to update your existing one.

When shopping for a modern house sign, many factors will influence your choice. You will look at materials, fonts, colour palettes, but most of all, it will be the clean lines that stand out to you as the finishing touch.

You spend loads of time and money on finding the perfect home, and therefore, your sign should be no different.

Finding the perfect contemporary house sign according to material

Again this will depend on your idea of an ideal house sign. At Signomatic, we have plenty of options to suit your needs.

Top four materials are:

Let's discover a little more about each.

Metal house signs

Metal house signs are extremely durable. They withstand all weather conditions. This type of sign is a long-term investment that you will never have to touch or update. It is easy to clean and will keep its look and feel for eternity.

Yes, it might be a touch harder to customise, but our professional signmakers and workshop are equipped with the right machinery to ensure you get what you want. A worry that needs no place in you choosing a personalised house sign.

Aluminium house signs

As one of the popular options amongst our customers, aluminium offers a clean or frosted look that automatically adds to the contemporary edge. It is a lightweight option that is easy to install.

Like the other metal options, aluminium house signs have a long lifespan indoors and out. They fair brilliantly all year round and will not corrode or oxidise, making aluminium an economical choice.

By opting for aluminium as your preferred material, you have various design options. Your choice of design will emphasise your unique style from the get-go. It will look sleek and professional on any door.

Acrylic house signs

Although the cheapest material, this does not take anything away from your house sign’s quality or gorgeous contemporary look.

Acrylic is one of the most customisable options for house signs. You have unlimited options regarding colour, font, shape and more. 

Wooden house signs

Wooden signs are beautiful and rustic. Although wooden house signs do not fare too well outside without proper treatment, it is nevertheless a good option if it is the aesthetic you are after. Please note that our wooden house signs are only intended for inside use.

If you value a green lifestyle, it will accentuate your organic ways while remaining a stylish option.

Benefits of contemporary signs

Contemporary home signs have many advantages. For once, modern doesn't necessarily translate into monochromatic. On the contrary, Signomatic offers many colour options. So, feel free to know you can choose the colours that match your decor. 

Moreover, you can customise your modern house sign using easy pre-designed templates and choose a fixture that complements your home's contemporary design, from screw to hanging to pole attachment. 

Modern does not mean monochromatic

A common perception is that a modern house sign should be matt black or stark white. But this is very far from the truth. These days, you can interpret modern as you wish. And keeping to contemporary clean lines does not mean you have to keep to a greyscale.

All of our materials offer colour options. But the great thing about opting for a modern acrylic house number is that the material can come in any colour. Choose the colours that match the walls of your property best.

Perspex falls under the acrylic options, and it is an incredibly stylish way to accentuate your house in the community. We can assist if you need more information on different materials and colour options.

Custom or ready-made

This depends on your needs. Ready-made is a great, quick fix if you need your sign immediately. At Signomatic, we have a fantastic range of pre-made contemporary plaques that you can choose from. These plates are all created with simplicity in mind, and the styles are light and refined.

Of course, we will also encourage a personal touch. You can customise your new house sign with the use of easy templates. Remember that there is no right or wrong, and no matter which option you choose, your home will stand out as beautiful and considered.

Contemporary house signs fixing methods

All our house signs are easy to fix on walls – inside and out. Depending on the material you choose, you can consider some of the following fixtures:

  • Screw
  • Standoff
  • Ceiling suspension using wires
  • Hanging
  • Flag attachment
  • Standoff
  • Screw with a screw cap
  • Pole attachment

Like the design you settle on, your fixture decision can also complement the modern finish of your home. And all of the different methods above come with fitting instructions to assist you.

The hardest thing that you will need to do is decide on placement.

A timeless option

Contemporary house signs are open to interpretation. It will depend on your outlook on design and what you prefer regarding the material. All of the different options have their pros and will bring out the features of your home.

Obtaining the exclusive house sign appeal is as simple as online shopping can get. Signomatic offers an easy template to customise your house plaque as you see fit.

Contemporary house signs are one of the most popular options as they are timeless and offer you the option to change your home without spoiling the look the fixture adds. If it feels a little daunting, our team will help you choose the option that will work best.


Is an aluminium sign a contemporary option?

Yes, it is amongst your top choice for the modern look. It allows for sleek lines and finishes that will complement your taste. Combining the silver backing with the black fittings and signage gives an incredible modern touch to your frontage. 

What differentiates modern house signs from others?

Personalised house signs are... well, personal, and, like in all things, different strokes for different folks. You may have a preference for a minimalist and sleek aesthetic.

Modern house signs do not boast added frills and details. They are simple in their design and void of unnecessary extras. This is the best way to differentiate between modern and traditional house numbers.

Yes, the materials you use could still be from the traditional variety. From steel to acrylic to aluminium, a contemporary house sign is less about the material than the design.

Can I suspend my house sign from the ceiling?

Yes. There are various ways of fixing your signs, and suspending them is one. Other forms of fixing include screw, flag attachment, standoff, pole attachment, and screw with a screw cap. So, you have many choices when it comes to fixtures. 

Does Signomatic also have colour options available? 

Yes, we do. We offer many colour choices. Chat to one of our consultants to find out more before deciding on a colour. As a piece of advice, keep in mind to choose a colour that matches the style and design of your house. 

Which is the fastest way to get a house sign? 

If you need a house sign urgently, we have ready-made options available on our online store.

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