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Information on gate signs

Gate signs can inform, warn or welcome guests, or prohibit access. The information is very varied, but whatever text you choose for your sign, it is meant to convey a message to those who pass through the gate.

For private individuals, “Welcome” and “Please close the gate” are most common, whereas businesses tend to have signs for gates for information, warning or prohibition.

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Gate signs are not characterised by any particular size, colour or shape. There are a number of variants, but what they have in common is that they are installed on a gate and convey a message to visitors. Here are some of the most common gate signs:

Gate sign - "Please close the gate"

Please close the gate - a classic sign that is favoured, among others, by people who own animals that roam freely around a property. A “Please close the gate” is also often found on preschool, school and recreation centre gates.

Welcome gate sign

Welcome – Just as many people have a welcome sign on their door, so there are also many who have a similar sign on the gate. Some people prefer a simple “Welcome”, while others like to include the family’s name and address.

"No entry" gate sign

No entry – When a gate is a boundary to an area with restricted access, it is usually locked. In such circumstances, it is a good idea to have a sign for the gate that clearly indicates that access is forbidden and, if relevant, that the area is hazardous.

Beware of the dog gate sign

Beware of the dog – Regardless of whether the dog is roaming free or inside the house, it is respectful to warn visitors that there may be a dog running loose. Most people appreciate this, especially those who are afraid of dogs.

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