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Information on house number signs

Particularly in highly residential areas, it can be prudent to number your house with a house number plaque. This makes it easier for visitors and postmen to find you. In many areas, houses often look very similar, so in order to make it stand out, a house number sign is helpful.

House number signs or house number plaques can be attached directly to the house itself. Also known as façade signs, this number can be affixed near to the front door or even on the door itself as a door number sign so that visitors know that they have the correct house.

On occasion though, if the house is set back from the road, it can be worth it to place a house number sign at the beginning of the driveway as well. In this instance, some people will add the street name underneath just to erase any potential confusion whatsoever.

There are no strict rules when it comes to house numbers other than the number should be large enough to be read by someone driving or walking past. Colour, font style, sign shape and other general design features are entirely up to the homeowners themselves and are usually determined by the overall style of the house exterior and that of the neighbourhood as a whole. In other words, look at your house to see whether you want to create a classic or more modern sign.

Customised house number signs

A sign marking the number of a building is probably the most common number sign. These are also sometimes called façade signs or house number plaques, as they are attached to the front of the building. House number signs are common in the UK.

On our Design Page you can design your unique and creative house number sign or house number plaque exactly as you want, with your choice of material, size, typeface and colour. 

Acrylic signs

An acrylic house number sign adds a nice touch to any home and the material belongs to our more exclusive range. The material consists of a solid plexiglass plate that can be ordered with a transparent, frosted or coloured background. It is common to attach an acrylic house number sign with a wall attachment so that the sign stands out slightly from the wall.

That gives the sign a modern and clean touch. It is equally possible to attach the sign with screws. On the Design Page you can design gorgeous modern acrylic house number signs entirely in your own style, with or without pictures.

Engraved signs

Anyone looking for an affordable option to house number plaques might consider our engraved plastic signs. They make excellent outside house number plaques and can be fixed to the building, house or apartment using screws. Choose the size and colour of the sign and add your own text or image.

Aluminium signs

Aluminium is an excellent option for anyone looking for a stable, durable metal house sign of high quality that will withstand the elements. With our design tool, it’s delightfully easy to design personalised house number signs. The manufacturing process consists of digital printing, ensuring the sign has a fine, smooth finish.

Brass signs

At Signomatic you can also design custom house number plaques in brass. Choose from various designs and sizes on the Design Page. We offer brass signs in nickel-plated brass (silver), chrome and brushed brass. The signs are printed digitally and you can choose between various colours for any text and image. With us, the design possibilities for creating a custom house number plaque are virtually endless.

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