Top 30 Garden Design Blogs

Signomatic presents the UK’s best blogs on garden design to follow in 2021. We have selected garden design blogs with content that stands out more than most. Our aim with this list is to draw attention to and celebrate the bloggers who are working hard to produce interesting and important content that inspires us and others. See the list below. Please note that they are not ranked in any way.

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Top 30 garden design blog award in UK
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You Grow Girl was started in February 2000 by Gayla Trail; she began writing about gardening and cooking on a small budget. Split into sections including sewing, the blog is a versatile read that helps small gardeners.

Chiot’s Run is a low-key journal of the blogger’s efforts in organic gardening. Beautiful pictures and well-chosen topics provide other aspiring gardeners with plenty of information as well as inspiration. There’s also the odd book tip for those who like to read.

Garden Therapy
People love it when they get informative write-ups that help them achieve their garden design goals, and that’s exactly what they get through Beautiful images and well-written content help readers live better through plants, and the blog aims to educate as well as provide inspiration.

Deborah Silver and Co.
Deborah Silver doesn’t just write an expert blog about landscape design, but aims at giving valuable information to her readers. Using her expertise gained through years working as a landscape designer, Deborah informs, entertains and inspires her readers.

Lisa Cox Garden Designs
With her blog, Lisa Cox has positioned herself to give you everything needed to expertly tend your own garden. By offering up her own drawing board and design tips, she gives readers valuable tools for their own garden design projects.

Urban Gardens serves the needs of urban gardeners everywhere, showing what can be done with limited spaces. The blog offers plenty of practical tips for creating a greener and more eco-friendly urban space in a niche but highly important area of garden design, which is what wins it this award.

Janna Schreier Garden Design
Every garden in Janna Schreier’s blog is more than an inspiration, from modest ideas to explosion of colors and textures. The blog’s posts create an air of mystery, keeping the visitor curious to know more. Her works of art, explorations, consultancy and creativity are worth the award.

Kate Gould Gardens
This garden design blog has won an award for its beautiful layout and professional pictures, as well as it’s fresh, interesting content. The blog is a perfect example of a blog that is both visually beautiful and informative at the same time.

Graduate Landscapes
Graduate Landscapes has been among the best in the industry for a long time now, but that hasn’t prevented them from evolving and improving further. Their beautiful photos and highly informative content provide plenty of inspiration for anyone interested in garden design.

Fantastic Gardeners
Full of inspirational ideas and practical advice, Fantastic Gardeners’ blog is jam-packed full of entertaining articles, helpful tips, news and much more. The blog has educated and trained many readers on aspects of garden design helping people to improve and enjoy their gardens.

Garden Style
Garden Style stands out as a go to site for professional advice on gardening. It doesn’t matter whether clients are looking for tips to manicure tiny gardens or expansive commercial lawns. This blog is committed to helping users to keep their compounds beautiful and without blemish.

The Well-Dressed Garden
This blog contains informative articles, all well written and beautifully illustrated. It provides information on a wide range of topics including garden design and gardening to nurture wildlife especially insects. There are also some excellent pieces on public and private gardens of note.

Hornby Garden Designs
With catchy headlines, informative content and suitable images, Hornby Garden Designs captures readers’ attention. Here they share their past and current garden design projects, offering plenty of inspiration. They also consistently engage with their audience through social media. All these qualities helped them to get the award.

Holley Designs
In her blog, professional garden designer Karen Holley offers a number of practical tips and inspiring content. Whether you want to do big things with small gardens or create a green space tailored to your family’s needs, this blog is a great resource for everyone interested in garden design.

Lempsink Garden Design is an exceptional landscaping company that focuses on environmental conservation projects. The blog has been a source of inspiration to its readers by delivering resourceful content on garden designs. Also, the blog has helped many people become proud owners of beautiful and eye-catching gardens.

Rachel Bailey Garden Design
Rachel Bailey has great landscapes and unique garden designs. This award-winning website has many examples to get inspired from in the Portfolio section. If you want to make your garden look spacious and beautiful, then Rachel Bailey will help you get there.

Tythorne Garden Design
Tythorne Garden Design offers a trusted, reliable, professional and affordable local garden design service to the people of Rutland, Nottinghamshire and South Lincolnshire. The layout and design of the website is impressive, with plenty of illustrated examples highlighting the strength and depth of the service offered.

Dewlands Garden Design
Dewlands Garden Design offers small architectural and expert garden designs. Just like its services, Dewlands Garden Design’s website is world-class. The mix of sketches and photographs for different projects helps the reader understand the process of creating an outstanding outdoor living space. 

The middle sized garden
The Middle-Sized Garden is one of the top ten garden blogs in the United Kingdom. It covers everything from online blogging sessions to gardening tips, all divided into easy and intuitive sections. This platform is a must-read for gardeners whose gardens are smaller than an acre.

The Unconventional Gardener
The blog reaches out to the new and exciting aspects of gardening in the future. The Unconventional Gardener discusses technology and crops used to support astronauts, outlining how we can grow our plants without the use of soil, but in a solution of nutrients mixed with water.

The Sunday Gardener
The Sunday Gardener blog offers an easy insight into standard gardening aspects, providing tips and advice that has helped a lot of people in growing and owning their own flower and vegetable garden. This tips and advice also help to overcome challenges created as the seasons change.

The Frustrated Gardener
The Frustrated Gardener has helped a lot of people with his amazing plant adventure stories and this has made it possible for people to grow plants and flowers without stress. The blog is especially helpful to gardeners on a budget or with small areas to work in.

urban turnip
Urban Turnip is a suitable blog for the people who are looking for tips on how to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces while living in the city. Everything is laid out easily, with a clear drop-down menu where the highlight is container planting.

Growing Family
The UK-based blog, Growing Family, shares great gardening tips and ideas. It is suitable for busy family members who want to make their gardens look beautiful but don’t always have time. Growing Family covers everything from how to grow vegetables to looking after gardens.

The Blackberry Garden
The Blackberry Garden provides details on almost anything you can think of when it comes to home gardening. New posts are published almost every day in order to help the reader get an idea of how to grow different flowering plants. It also provides gardening product reviews.

The Anxious Gardener
An exciting and award-winning blog, the Anxious Gardener offers tips on how to become a successful gardener across a diverse range of stories, hints and tips. One of the best parts is that the content of this blog can be viewed or read in multiple languages.

Garden Ninja
Garden Ninja is an award-winning blog that contains a lot of informative articles on how to design unique gardens and how to grow different plants in a small area. But it doesn’t just offer advice, but affordable hands-on help too in both planting and design.

The 3 Growbags
The 3 Growbags was established by three sisters who love plants and flowers. This blog is devoted to gardening tips and tricks, and there is a wealth of information on how to become a successful horticulturist. The 3 Growbags has great its informative content and simple layout.

Ellen Mary Gardening
Ellen Mary Gardening is an award-winning website that contains articles and videos on gardening. One of the best parts is that it has a huge social media following and includes a Plant-Based podcast for those that need to get plant ideas on the go.

Country Garden UK
The Country Garden blog is overflowing with stunning ideas and resources to inspire anyone interested in gardening. Jam-packed full of exciting, creative and clever gardening ideas, this blog is the perfect spot to get those creative juices flowing and create something new.