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Information on home bar signs

We offer personalised home bar signs in different designs and sizes. Create your own unique home bar sign according to your own wish using our online based design tool.

Personalise a bar sign for your home

The advent of covid-19 and the current pandemic has led increasing numbers of people to spend more time at home, and also meant that we have been unable to visit our local pub or eat out as much as we used to do. This has prompted many people to come up with their own ideas and solutions for socializing and entertaining more at home.

Meeting privately rather than at the pub has encouraged more people to design their own home bar signs – an interior design feature that seems to be growing in popularity.

And it’s certainly true that a home bar sign can lighten the mood and raise your spirits! You can, for example, choose text and images for a pub sign for the home with a humorous twist – and yes, the results are very mixed!

Bar signs for interior use

Our printed wood signs are the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to create a cheerful home bar sign or bring an old-fashioned, familiar feel to their home.

A wooden home bar sign is produced using printing, with the text and any motifs being digitally printed directly on to the sign. This ensures a high-quality surface that is smooth and elegant. Other popular options are plastic (engraved or PVC) and aluminium.

Bar signs for exterior use

Bespoke home pub signs are becoming an increasingly common sight, not just indoors but also in gardens or on patios. It’s certainly nice to be able to invite friends over to enjoy your home bar and for them to be greeted by a custom sign!

Garden bar signs, which are generally used outdoors, should be made from a material that can withstand the elements. In this case, we recommend aluminium, engraved plastic or acrylic.

Direct people to your garden bar with an arrow-shaped sign bearing the text “Garden bar”, “Welcome to the backyard bar” or “Scott and Mary’s Garden Bar”. The only limit is your imagination.

Different types of bar signs to use at home

The design of your sign is entirely up to you. There are any number of options when it comes to bar signs for the home. Some people prefer neon home bar signs with LED lights. Others want something more low-key and unobtrusive and so opt for a wooden home bar sign, which lends a more rustic feel to the home.

A common feature of pub signs or bar signs, whether they hang on a wall in your home or at the pub, tends to be images or icons that make it clear just what type of sign it is. Images of beer glasses, wine glasses, cocktails or bottles are unmistakably associated with a pub or a bar.

Anyone wanting to design their own home bar sign can easily create their preferred design using our Design Page, as well as select images from the ones in our image archive. You can just as easily upload your own images or logos.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I design a bar sign for the home?

It couldn’t be easier to design a home bar sign on our Design Page! Design a bar sign from scratch by selecting your preferred material, size, colour and shape, or find inspiration among our sample signs.

What material is best suited for a home bar sign?

Depending on where you want to hang the sign, we may recommend different materials. Our printed aluminium signs and engraved plastic signs are ideal for outdoor use, while plastic signs made from PVC and wood signs are intended for indoor use.

What feeling do you want to create? Different materials create different feelings. Think about the environment where the bar sign is to be placed. Do you prefer a wooden one, a metal bar sign or perhaps a simpler variant such as engraved plastic?

What size is a home bar sign?

It makes things easier, when designing a home bar sign, if you first measure out where the sign will go; this helps to ensure that the result is as expected when the sign arrives. If you want the sign to be used outdoors and be visible from a distance, we recommend choosing a larger format.

In this case, perhaps a sign measuring 400x400 mm or 600x600 mm would be suitable. A garden bar sign, on the other hand, could be just 200x200 mm, or even smaller.

Can I upload images to my home bar sign?

Yes, you can. Upload your own images to use on your home bar sign, or be inspired by our ready-made sample signs. On our Design Page you can search for related images that would be perfect for a pub or bar sign.

How much does a custom home bar sign cost?

We offer affordable, high-quality materials that last. The price varies depending on the size of the sign and your preferred fixing method and material. If you would like to get an idea of approximate price, you can visit the website and compare different examples. You might find just what you’re looking for there and then!

What’s the most popular bar sign?

There are numerous options when it comes to bar signage for the home and for any personalised pub. It basically comes down to the feel you are looking to create in your home and how you want to present your pub. Do you want a sign that brings a few laughs or a more serious one?

A neon sign undoubtedly creates a completely different impression to a more neutral wooden home bar sign. Consider what works for your home and find some inspiration among the signs on our website.

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