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Popular examples of pub signs

Created with Fabric.js 4.5.1

Plastic signs

295 x 150 mm

£31.79 incl. VAT

Created with Fabric.js 4.5.1

Plastic signs

288 x 222 mm

£45.29 incl. VAT

Created with Fabric.js 4.5.1

Plastic signs

295 x 200 mm

£38.29 incl. VAT

Created with Fabric.js 4.5.1

Plastic signs

295 x 200 mm

£47.89 incl. VAT

Created with Fabric.js 4.5.1

Aluminium signs

350 x 450 mm, Aluminium

£109.79 incl. VAT

Created with Fabric.js 4.5.1

Name badges

60 x 30 mm

£8.59 incl. VAT

Created with Fabric.js 4.5.1

Plastic signs

150 x 75 mm

£14.09 incl. VAT

Created with Fabric.js 1.7.9 The Flying Cow Every Tuesday at 7pm QUIZ NIGHT

Vinyl lettering

300 x 150 mm, Vinyl

£15.19 incl. VAT

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You can use our Design Page to design your signs just as you want them. Text, colour, shapes and more.

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Information on pub signs

Most pubs opt to have a specific emphasis in terms of both style and selection. This should be communicated at the main entrance to entice visitors to come in and spend an hour in good company with something delicious to eat and drink.

In addition to the pub name sign, there are a number of pub signs or bar signs used in pubs. Visitors often don’t give them a thought – until they are missing.

Many people assume signs convey information. That is also true of certain pub signs. In particular those that show the opening hours or menu. But a pub is one of those places where signs often create an atmosphere and are thus a pure interior design feature.

British pub signs

Britain has a unique heritage in ist local pub signs or inn signs. Many times the inn signs tell a history with colourful images of royalties, battles or heroes. Pubs were often named after monarchs or important battles. Early taverns often used animal names and images of animals on their signs, which can still be seen today.

Hanging pub signs

Today, you'll find hanging signboards with unique illustrations that represent the name of the business. Double-sided signs are perfect for those who want a swinging pub sign to be visible from two directions. An external hanging pub sign above your pub is recommended. Customers or guests can then easily find the pub or tavern.

Opening hours

Show your guest your pub‘s opening hours. A classic pub sign or bar sign often hangs in the window of the front door. Keep in mind that the sign should not just match the décor, but should also be equally attractive to look at from outside, as it affects how the pub will be perceived by passers-by.

Year signs

Some pubs have a special theme, such as 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, and so want to create a sense of the “past”. Here, interior design signs with a message and other signs play an important role in creating the right atmosphere. Some pubs are also themed around a specific country, such as Ireland or the USA. In such pubs, the pub signs are also part of the interior design. 


In larger pubs, signs may be needed to show the way to the toilet. In smaller pubs, a sign on the toilet doors may be sufficient. Even here, the owners should maintain the theme of the pub and ensure the sign reflects that. 

Witty signs

Witty signs can attract and entertain customers. Create personalised interior pub signs for the restroom, sports bar or put a message outside your pub that make customers stop for a drink. 

Personalised pub signs

Design bespoke pub signs online. An happy hour sign, a welcome sign, an opening hours sign, a sign with a hilarious message or a restroom sign? The design Page allows you to create different types of pub signage, in your desired material. Brighten the wall with some witty sayings or design a warm welcome sign.

With our easy to use Design Page you can create a pub signage in your desired material, size, colour and shape. Design a sign for your English pub with the desired image and text.

Add your own text on a sign, for example “There are no strangers here, only friends you haven’t met yet“ or let customers know where to find your tavern with a traditional metal hanging sign. 

Several materials to choose from

For a pub sign attended for outside use we recommend our durable and weather resistant aluminium signs. These can be ordered as double-sided and easily be hung from a wall.

Our aluminium signs are manufactured using high quality printing. Digital printing is long lasting and allows us to print onto the surface of the material, which gives it a nice look and sleek surface.

Our engraved plastic signs are a good alternative for external as well as internal use whereas our wooden signs are suitable for inside use. 

On the website, you choose the attachment that best suit your needs for your pub sign. We offer fixing methods such as screw, flag attachment, wall distance and adhesive tape.

Do you prefer letters on the window or entrance door? We offer vinyl text (contour-cut text and images in vinyl) that can be applied to a door, wall or window.

Shops, restaurants but also pubs often put signs directly on their doors or windows. Here, the vinyl text is a perfect option. Choose the desired size and colour on the website.

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