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Welcome signs

Create your own welcome signs with the text and design of your choice, or choose from our pre-designed examples.

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Whether it’s in a home, business premises or a shop, welcome signs serve a very welcoming function. A welcome sign should be personal and welcome guests or customers in a warm, pleasant way.

Popular examples

Created with Fabric.js 3.1.0

Brass signs

104 x 60 mm


Created with Fabric.js 3.6.0

Wood signs

140 x 75 mm


Created with Fabric.js 3.6.0

Aluminium signs

200 x 100 mm


Created with Fabric.js 3.1.0

Plastic signs engraving

100 x 60 mm


Created with Fabric.js 3.1.0

Plastic signs engraving

180 x 110 mm


Created with Fabric.js 3.1.0

Plastic signs engraving

100 x 60 mm


Created with Fabric.js 3.4.0

Plastic signs engraving

200 x 200 mm


Created with Fabric.js 1.7.12 Welcome inside!

Vinyl texts

350 x 250 mm


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Information on welcome signs

Many people choose to simply write “Welcome” on their welcome sign, but adding a little more information makes the sign even more personal and clear. In a corporate environment, it may be helpful to add more information on the sign, such as company name, department name, or the name of the person who works in the office.

Welcome sign – Varied text 

“Welcome” is enough to make most people feel at home. Adding more information to a sign makes it clearer and more personal. 

Name, family, profession 

It is much nicer to be met with “Welcome to the Smith Dental Practice” on a personalised welcome sign at the dentist’s than just a short, formal “Welcome” on a small plaque.

In homes, the option is either to write just “Welcome” or add the family surname or both first name and surname. This is to make the sign more familiar and to make it clear to visitors that they are in the right place. 

Other text 

A welcome sign can also have a welcoming phrase or a proverb. Examples include “There’s no place like home”, “Tired parents and happy children live here” or ”Good friends are always welcome”. To make a sign truly unique, avoid the word “Welcome” altogether.

In restaurants, it is not uncommon to see welcome signs with text such as “Welcome – please wait to be seated”. 

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