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Information on Outdoor signs

Our outdoor signs come in many different materials and sizes – they are perfect for showcasing your brand, informing people, or decorating the façade or any other outdoor surfaces.

Create a personalized outdoor house sign, bar sign, restaurant sign or an outdoor sign for your garden. Let our sign experts help you or customize your own on our Design Page. Our outdoor signs are durable and weather resistance. Choose between a range of different materials.

What is the best material for outdoor signs?

We offer a wide range of materials made to withstand harsh conditions like wind, rain and cold.

Outdoor metal signs

Our high-quality metal signs are durable and weather-resistant, perfect for outdoor use. They are made of aluminium and can last for about 10 years outside. The outdoor aluminium signs can be ordered as reflective signs as well.

Outdoor acrylic signs

The acrylic signs, or Perspex signs, also last about 10 years and are common as façade signs next to an entrance for example. We use digital printing for the acrylic signs. The acrylic signs give your business a professional and stylish look.

Outdoor plastic signs

When using outdoor plastic signs, we recommend our engraved plastic signs. They have a lifetime outdoor use for up to 10 years and are made of a plastic laminate in two layers. The text and image are engraved with laser so that the lower layer appears – the text/image colour. We do have colour printing plastic signs as well, but we don’t recommend them for outdoor use.

Outdoor letter signs

Outdoor letter signs could either be vinyl lettering or contour-cut signs. The vinyl lettering can be applied to cars, windows, or walls and comes in several colours. It is UV-resistant and last for about 10 years outside.

Our contour-cut signs are made of acrylic plastic (PMMA) and also last for about 10 years. They use a self-adhesive backing for mounting on smooth, dry, and clean surfaces. The tape has a very strong adhesiveness, and the signs are stable UV- and scratch-resistant. Perfect for use on façades.

Funny outdoor signs

Choose any of our durable materials and create your own funny outdoor sign. Get a bar sign, door sign or anything you want to lighten up the mood.

Let us help you

Looking for outdoor signs for your business? Contact our sign experts and we will help you create a long lasting, good-looking outdoor sign for your needs. You can also request a free quote if you’d like. In case you don’t want to contact us, you are very welcome to use our tool the Design Page to customize your own sign with the material, size, colour, text, and image of your choice. Good luck!

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