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Custom parking signs

Some parking signs are universal because the message and design remain the same throughout the world. Other signs are much more personalized. Their form, texts and symbols depend on the location they are in, as well as the needs of the people who order them. There are parking signs for places of worship, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, businesses, small shops, museums, parks, sports grounds, universities and airports, and that list is far from being exhaustive.

What messages can be given through the use of custom parking signs? Any! It can include the name of the company, the hours during which the car park can be used, or the persons who have the right to do so. It is even possible to write a joke if you wish. Each customer chooses the format, thickness, and colours that suit him/her. The most popular colours for panels are white, green or blue as background and white, red, green and black for text and symbols. The custom parking signs not only improve traffic in a parking areas but may also serve as advertising and attract visitors.

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Examples of Custom parking signs

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Brass sign

154 x 43 mm


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