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Information on Bed and breakfast signs

When it comes to bed and breakfast signs there are a few things to consider.
You want passerby to notice your bed and breakfast and you want them to understand from your sign what kind of place you are.

That is why the most important part is the welcome sign at the front of the building.

If you wish for people to find you from other places it is also helpful to have direction signs pointing to your bed and breakfast. Many bed and breakfasts are off the beaten track and guests can come from a long ways away. You don’t want them to get lost en route.

For a long lasting sign we recommend you to buy aluminium or engraved plastic. It will last outdoor for many years.

When you've decided which material to use it is time to think of which kind of sign you want. Do you own a vintage bed and breakfast, a modern one or perhaps an ecological? Your sign reflects your profile of the bed and breakfast and it is a lot easier to attract the right visitors if your sign already tells about your profile.

At Signomatic you are able to design your own bed and breakfast sign whichever way you want it. And if you are unsure of anything or want something that isn't shown on our website, please contact our customer service and we'll be happy to help you.

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