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More information about address plaques

"I ordered an address plaque to show visitors where I live and to add my personal touch to the property – that little something special that was missing after I moved in.”

This is what one of our many customers who have bought address palquess from us says. In this case, the sign featured information such as surname, street name and street number. And as the icing on the cake, this customer also bought a matching sign bearing the actual house name.

Just like the customer above, you can put up your address plaque on the fence that marks the edge of your property. You can also get an address plaque for your letterbox or even the outside of your house. On private roads, there is also often an address plaque on a pole to inform motorists of what road they are on.

Regardless of your purpose or where you want to put your sign, we have what you need. Choose from several different materials and fixing methods for your address plaquess. We recommend that you choose a durable material suitable for long-term outdoor use that does not fade or degrade. In addition, it is a good idea if the sign is clearly visible from the street, especially if emergency vehicles need to find your house quickly.

Here you can see which of our materials are suitable for address plaquess and which last for 7-10 years before colours, brackets or anything else starts to degrade.

Aluminium signs, contour-cut signs, engraved plastic signs, vinyl lettering and stainless steel signs.

Address plaques for building façades

The outside of a building is a common location for address plaquess. Usually at the entrance. Signs can include a house number, the name of the people living in the building, or the street name.

Suggestions for sign material for fences: Contour-cut signs, aluminium signs, enamel-style aluminium signs, engraved plastic.

Address plaques for letterboxes

Address plaques on letterboxes are smaller and usually provide information such as name and house number.

Suggestions for sign material for letterboxes: Stainless steel, engraved plastic or vinyl lettering.

Address plaques for fences

Address signs on fences may be seen as a complement to, for example, the building façade. Here you can be a little more creative, give the property something a meaningful name, write a short message, or add something classic like the street number and name.

Suggestions for sign material for fences: Aluminium signs, enamel-style aluminium signs, engraved plastic.

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