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Social sustainability

Our social sustainability work 

We have long been working on social sustainability in various forms. We believe in helping in many different ways. We care about and respect each other and our customers, while at the same time we want to contribute to social benefit through, among other things, charity, campaigns and collaborations. 

In 2024, we are also working with Hand in Hand and Mind in two different projects. 

Hand in Hand 

Hand in Hand is a project that works to combat poverty through entrepreneurship. Skyltmax is contributing money to the project, which will be based in a village in India. There, the project mainly educates and trains women and young people in running small businesses. These generate income so that they can support themselves and their families. Signmax will also carry out small-scale activities to follow the village's journey in 2024 and will have the opportunity in the future to visit the village and meet the entrepreneurs. 

The project aims to fight poverty, empower women, create jobs and build sustainable communities, among other things. 


Together with Mind, we want to increase knowledge about and reduce the shame surrounding mental illness. Mind's mission is to promote mental well-being by offering compassionate support, spreading knowledge and advocacy. We must dare to talk about how we feel and create a compassionate culture. 

Skyltmax was founded in May 2008 by two cousins, David Engstrand and John Eskilsson. David, with a background in programming, had realised that the ability to order signs online was limited. He pitched John the idea of letting customers design their signs online. Before John had time to think about the business idea, David had already finalised the software and bought the first signage machine. He was like that, spontaneous and dedicated in what he did. The company grew at a rapid pace. 

From the outside, everything looked very good, but that was not the whole truth. A year or so into the business, David suffered from mental illness. The illness changed his life. In many ways, it robbed him of the very meaning of life. After two years of his illness, David ended his own life. We remember David as he was, and we miss him. 

When everything seems fine on the outside, it can be different on the inside. Mental health is an illness that we still find difficult to talk about out loud and that often goes unrecognised. That's why our staff now also have the opportunity - through Mind - to volunteer and answer calls and chats with people who need to talk. This could be about anxiety, hopelessness, loneliness or suicidal thoughts. 

In the past, we have also launched the #detsynsinte campaign in collaboration with Mind. 

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