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Door name plates

Aluminium signs, 100x30 mm, Aluminium, Adhesive Tape


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Product details


Aluminium signs


100 mm


30 mm


1.5 mm



Fixing method:

Adhesive Tape

Product description

Door nameplates are signs usually put on a person's office entrance. They are of a modest size and are typically in muted colours.

Apart from having the name and perhaps initials of the person, nameplates can also have their title and position within the firm, all written in an easily readable font.

Name plates can be attached to different surfaces, such as walls, doors and cubicles - with fixing methods. For custom office door name plates the standard fixing method is self adhesive tape.


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Our top 3 door name plates

One of our top 3 door name plates are plastic signs with engraving. The most comman fixing methods is self adhesive or sign holder, which works great for doors, cubicals and walls.
We also offer plastic door name plates with printed text and images.

Brass is a common choice for designing door name plates that is usually seen in company environments as entrances and office doors. We offer brass door personalised name plates in stylish classic brass plaques to shiny signs for a more modern style. We do also ave plaques in nickel-plated brass(silver), chrome and brushed brass. These signs can be ordered in various shapes and the signs are manufacture using digital printing i.e. the text and image are printed on digitally in a UV printer.

Our aluminium signs for custom name plates is a given choice, due to the high quality and range of sizes you can choose from for your office door name plate. The aluminium name plates are perfect for both outside and inside use. Our aluminium plaques can be fixed to a wall or other flat surface using a screw, standoff or adhesive tape.

Office name plates for every work environment

Office door name plates are often used for office doors or on desks to recognize employees with their initials or full name and their position.

Our office door name plates fit perfectly for your work environment, to make it more personal.
Do you wish for an office name plate to stand out from the rest or a more subtle name plate with muted colour? Or are you in need of an image with your name plate? Choose from our image archive or upload your own picture or logo from the Design Page. Your choice, we have everything you need.

Engraved name plates for every door

Design and order stylish engraved plaques online. Engraved plaques are suitable in most environments and can adorn the home, office and shop.
The engrave signs have a long life time and high quality, they are often used for a variety of applications, such as engraved name plates for doors. We offer different fonts, text sizes and sign shapes, you can custom your engraved name plates any way you like.

Self adhesive door name plates

With fixing methods of self adhesive tape you can easily stick your door name plate on any surfaces without leaving a permanent mark when removed.
Self adhesive plaques can easily be applied on every surface such as doors, cubicles and walls. 

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