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Signomatic is proud to launch its #itsnotvisible campaign with Mental Health Europe (MHE). Together with MHE we want to increase mental health awareness and end the stigma around mental ill health.

Mental Health Europe is the main European umbrella organization advocating for the rights of people with mental health problems.

Most of us know someone who has been or may be affected by mental health difficulties.

Our story

Signomatic was founded in May 2008 by two cousins, David Engstrand and John Eskilsson. David, with a background in programming, found out there were limited options for people to order signs online. He discussed with John about allowing people to design their own signs via the internet. While John asked for a bit of time to give some thought to the business concept, David had already finalized the software and bought the first sign machine. That was typical of David – being spontaneous and dedicated to everything he did. Signomatic grew rapidly into the success it is today.

Everything looked fine and bright, but that wasn’t the whole story. A year or so after the company was launched, David started to experience mental health problems. It changed his life. In many ways, he lost his purpose in life. After two years of struggles, David ended his own life. We remember David as he was, and we miss him.

Decals that make a difference

Today, we want to honour David, and all the other people who suffer in silence because of mental health problems with our campaign, #itsnotvisible

Smiling on the outside can mean broken on the inside. Mental health problems are something that we still find it hard to talk about publicly, and they are often invisible. That’s why we want to make these issues more visible with the help of our decals, #itsnotvisible. We want to encourage people to speak up, no one should ever be ashamed of experiencing mental health problems.

All the collected funds will support the advocacy and anti-stigma work of Mental Health Europe, making sure that the voice of people living with mental ill health is heard across Europe and beyond.

Transparent decals – make the invisible visible

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