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Hotel signs

Aluminium signs, 150x150 mm, Aluminium, Adhesive Tape


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Aluminium signs


150 mm


150 mm


1.5 mm



Fixing method:

Adhesive Tape

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Create the perfect atmosphere in your hotel with the help of hotel signs. These allow you to add the finishing touch to the overall look of your hotel. Guide visitors to their rooms with information signs, or purchase staff name badges, do-not-disturb signs, door signs with names or numbers – or provide floor information in the lift.

With us, you’ll find all the signs you need for your hotel. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, you’re welcome to contact us. We can help with your concept, regardless of material or design. If you’re looking for a shape or material not listed on our website, we can order in to meet your needs. Read more about our range of signs for hotels.

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A few different hotel signs

Virtually no two hotels are identical. That’s why it’s so important for us to customise each sign according to the needs of your hotel – bearing in mind your graphic profile, brand and design. With that said, there are many places in a hotel where signs can help and guide guests. Below is a list of the various signs we offer that are ideal for hotels.

Door signs with room numbers

These signs are probably the most common kind in hotels. Smaller hotels, for instance, often have theme rooms with the name on the wall instead. Feel free to browse our contour-cut signs. We can contour-cut text, logos and numbers in various different materials. Contour-cut signs are also perfect as façade signs – ideal for drawing attention to your hotel from outside.

Room signs

It is not just hotel rooms that need signage. It is also a good idea to use signs for conference rooms, cleaning stores, luggage storerooms and other staff rooms for the convenience of both guests and staff.

Information signs

Information signs are needed to help guests find their way to their hotel room or other areas in the hotel. Show the direction of room numbers on each floor, for instance. Provide directions to the lift, conference rooms, toilet or luggage storeroom. This type of sign should feature in several locations in the hotel to make it as easy as possible for guests to find their way round.

Name badges

Reception staff commonly wear name badges, not least so that guests know who has given them information and who to turn to if they have questions. Name badges make face-to-face meetings just a little more personal. We can offer badges with pins, magnets or military clips – we recommend following the existing style used for your hotel signs.

Table signs

Many hotels also operate restaurants as part of the business. So it’s a great idea to purchase table signs. Our folded aluminium signs featuring digital printing are not listed on the website but are available to order. Feel free to contact us on +46 (0)31-44 81 78.

Folded signs are a popular choice when ordering hotel or restaurant signs. They are often used for table reservations or for indicating what type of food the breakfast buffet offers.

Door handle signs

Do not disturb or Please clean my room are two types of door handle signs guests place on doors to show staff whether or not it is OK to clean the room. An increasing number of hotels are creating their own texts for these signs rather than using generic ones. Do you want to be concise and informative, or funny with a glint in your eye?

These signs are also not listed on our website, but they do feature in our range and we can easily supply them if you want to order them.

Information signs

Fire signs, emergency exits, decals, prohibition signs or warning signs – there are many important issues a hotel needs to inform guests about. We can assist with all these types of signs in plastic, aluminium, brass, wood, eco-friendly cardboard or other materials.

Our road signs can be ordered in ordinary aluminium or in a reflective material to ensure they are visible in the dark. We can fold them for use with a pole attachment, or you can order a format that you can place on the outside of your building. They are available in a variety of colours and are made for outdoor use, regardless of the season.

No smoking

Smoking is banned in hotels, as most people know. The ban on smoking inside buildings has been in place for some time now. But tourists may not necessarily be aware of the legislation banning smoking in public buildings, which differs in different countries. That’s why there is almost always a no smoking sign in hotel rooms. You can easily order these from us in a variety of formats.

Questions about special orders?

Our sign experts are happy to help design hotel signs and other labelling. Contact us and we’ll find a solution – whether you’re after standard or special orders. We have extensive experience of hotel signs and are happy to help, whatever your needs.

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Aluminium Signs, Square Black Aluminium. Fixing Method: Adhesive Tape
Aluminium signs

150 x 150 mm, Aluminium


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