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Road construction signs

There’s no civilization without roads. We need them to travel, to develop cities and villages, to improve the well-being of people and increase their general comfort. That’s why every developed country builds good roads to offer better living conditions to its inhabitants. However, it is not only important to build the roads. It is also crucial to take care of them.

Every year, millions of kilometres of roads are built or renovated. It is therefore important to warn drivers of the work undertaken. Indeed, unlike other construction works, it is generally impossible to totally prohibit access to the road or surrounding roads. Road construction signs must warn drivers and bystanders.

Signs, such as road work signs, flagger’s signs, road closed signs, road condition signs, men at work signs or wind master signs, explain to drivers that they must take special precautions when driving on a stretch of road.

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Examples of Road construction signs

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.0

Brass sign

154 x 43 mm


All Road Construction Signs are customizable and it is up to the customer to define the text, symbols and colours he wants to see on the signs. The standard design for these signs is usually a triangle shaped sign to denote warning, with red or yellow to denote the level of risk. It should be noted that these signs can be used by both businesses and individuals.

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