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Handicap parking signs

There is nothing more complex than finding a parking space in a big city or even in medium-sized cities. The task is difficult for healthy people, so imagine how painful it can be for people with disabilities. On the other hand, unlike non-disabled people, the disabled will not feel comfortable everywhere. That's why it's important to give them the best seats. Often this can involve such things as providing parking near the entrance of a business, shop or entertainment venue. To prevent other drivers from being tempted to invade them, the ‘Handicap Parking’ signs will be ideal.

The sign design is mostly very classical. The drawing and the text are always the same. A single element may vary according to the tastes of the customer, e.g. colours. The handicap parking signs have their place throughout everyday life. They are not just a careful gesture towards those who are experiencing difficulties in life, they could also be an effective way to advertise a facility and attract customers. The ‘Handicap Parking’ signs can be installed everywhere, in railway stations, parking lots, airports, small shops, museums and even in public parks.

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Examples of Handicap parking signs

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Brass sign

154 x 43 mm


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