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Electric vehicle parking signs

‘Electric Vehicle Parking’ signs give clear priority to those who operate such a vehicle. An electric car’s environmental friendliness lends itself to getting preferential treatment in an attempt to make them a more enticing commodity and persuade others to follow suit and buy one.

Often electric cars get preference in driving lanes, being able to skip past traffic congestion queues by being permitted to use bus lanes or group driving lanes as they are already causing less pollution to the environment. In addition to this, they quite often get access to better parking.

These signs are usually green with white text. Often the sign will simply state that the area is for electric car parking only. Other times it will be explaining that it is a charging station so parking by a regular car can be prosecuted as it is causing a blockage. In addition to the text, these signs are often accompanied by a small car graphic, complete with a cable and plug coming out of its back end.

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Examples of Electric vehicle parking signs

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Brass sign

154 x 43 mm


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