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Classroom signs

Schools can be quite big and contain a number of different classrooms and departments. To this end it is important for students, teachers and guests to be able to find the correct room quickly and easily. With this in mind it is therefore important to label each room. This can be done with a simple numbering system or by labelling each class for the subject or grade that is taught within. These signs need to be clearly readable and could be in a simple text on a plain background affixed to the appropriate door.

Inside the classrooms it can also be important to have other signage for the children. Maybe there are specific areas within the classroom for various activities such as a quiet corner or play corner, which will need to be labelled. For older children it can be important to label areas for work, science and reading as well. Some classrooms such as science labs may need to have specific instructions displayed in order to ensure a safe environment is maintained. Whatever the sign, they all need to be clear and readable from afar.

We can help you design of all of these signs, while keeping in mind the age of the children and their ability to read – Simple and bright for younger children, clear and succinct for older ones.

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Examples of Classroom signs

Created with Fabric.js 3.6.3

Brass sign

154 x 43 mm


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